Programme Information
Turkish folklore is a social dicipline and about humanity. It is emerged in 19. century. There are very important studies in all around the world. On the other hand in Turkey, this is not same because of the insufficient staff and equipment. Here is the list of what folklore dicipline search: 1. folk literature 2. folk music and dances 3. tradition and beliefs 4. handcrafts 5. folk knowledge In Turkey, the traditional forms of the Turkish culture and their period of change did not search enough. Because of the technological change, some of the cultural products dissappeared. Finally, this is not a good thing for the future studies because there is not any academic study about missing products. For this need, UNESCO has accepted Intangible Cultural Heritage Agreement in 2003. From this date, folklore dicipline has started to mention with "intangible cultural heritage" expression. Turkey has accepted this aggrement in 2006. Here is the list of intangible cultural heritage of Turkey. 1. Meddah-The Story Teller (2003) 2. Mevlevi-Sema Ceremony (2005) 3. Karagöz (2009) 4. The Minstrel Tradition (2009) 5. Nevruz (2009) (Shared file that 7 countries presented) 6. The Sohbet Meetings (2010) 7. Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling (2010) 8. Alevi Bektashi Semah Ceremony (2010) 9. The Keşkek Ceremony (2011)